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Anyone know of an accessible, usable Mosh client for iThings? I tried Blink, but it doesn't automatically read stuff, and Braille Screen Input doesn't work. Any ideas?

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Whoever decided to put an aria-live region on certain ads that makes them speak every second "This ad will end in 48." "This ad will end in 47." "This ad will end in 46." Especially on blog websites, is going straight to hell. No questions asked.

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For anyone running pi-hole on Arch Linux ARM on a Raspberry Pi 4, the latest kernel update (5.15.78-1) changes the default network interface name from eth0 to end0. This was done back in 2017 too, but it seems like it's going to be permanent now. The new name makes it so that finding the network device is more predictable.

Pi-hole is affected, as it listens on eth0, so it'll refuse connections from local network devices now, essentially making your network die if it's the only configured DNS server (it should be).

Since there is no way to change the interface name for now, the best option is to change the interface listening behavior to local, so it listens to devices one hop away. You can do this from the terminal easily:

pihole -a -i local

Everything should be back to normal. Hopefully custom interface names will be added later.
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Using a streaming service which turns off #AudioDescription after each episode. I can only assume that the engineers behind the player were either lazy, or had a lot of faith in medical science. If you're currently #blind, it might be worth checking again after 45 minutes to see if it's cleared up.

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Me in this morning's meeting at work: "Automatic alt text generation may be good enough for sort of getting the gist of some relative's photo on social media, but it's not near good enough for the educational context. I don't think it's useful to us."
Research group leader: "Surely it can describe a basic graph…"
Other colleague: "I just uploaded a basic line graph to this online image description service, and it said it's a toilet seat next to a white sink."

Cisco switches have the potential to be interesting, Espeak on the iPhone is cool (so is Ish), Metatext is awesome in a way I can't quite figure out how to express... What do I have to say that's actually worth reading? ... Never mind.

Here's a , or something. I forget if it's supposed to have an s at the end or not. Anyway, hi!

Just a fun server for anyone associated with the blind community!