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Last post from this instance, thus I wonder:

Which instance do I change to, for permanent time?

This poll will last for 6 hours (at time of posting).

Attention all blind parents. Are you looking for a place to hang out and get to know other blind parents and talk about those lovely, adorable, make you want to pull your hair out children of yours? If telegram is your thing then come join the Blind Parents United group found here. t.me/+J18Zc2I-805hYjkx Right now it is a small group and very new so the 100000 voice messages or text messages won't drive you nuts yet, lol. Hope to see you there. #BlindParents #telegram

Don't forget,
Tusky is a fantastic Mastodon client for android!
(Also available for Fire Tablets):

Seems that uploading media is only a blind.lol problem also. Yep? I'll definitely be migrating to a different one soon.
Yes, I'll be sure to back up all my followers!

From The Linux Experiment 

Github is being sued, Thunderbird redesign, Google's AI project: Linux + Open Source news


Really cool to see the steady drip of friends trickling over here. Welcome! Even cooler to see more distant acquaintances following me over here! It's super gratifying to know that y'all find my content valuable. A lot of the engagement I got on the other sight was not positive, so I had half-convinced myself that my output was garbage. I appreciate all of you taking the time to find me and keep me in your feeds! <3

from the Teleblog YouTube channel 

not surprisingly, telegram still works best on android devices.

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from the Teleblog YouTube channel 

New Telegram Update TOPICS in groups, PAID posts, Collectible Usernames, Video

Moving freely through the world as a Blind person takes a lot of learning, a few timeless techniques and a constant low-key wrangle with digital amenities, like kiosks and "smart" elevators. I wrote about the fascination and frictions of it all in Urban Omnibus a few years back, and the voices of three of my friends in the movement are part of the story. Birds of a feather and new friends, this is me: urbanomnibus.net/2019/11/acces


41 degrees for the high today in Denver CO, with a low of 19. Yep? It's gonna be a cold one!

Useful resource if you're admininng a Mastodon instance and you find it overwhelmed after a mass migration. nora.codes/post/scaling-mastod

For those of you who might not know, I've been making Windows 32-bit builds of the DECtalk code being worked on at GitHub. Each build has a unique release name based on what I've most recently eaten at the time of the build. I just put up a new build this morning which fixes a few things. URL: bluegrasspals.com/dectalk.zip

Update! It did not. Thus my earlier thoughts were correct.
This server either doesn't support Media uploads currently, or that .ogg files are not supported (which although odd, I wouldn't be surprised by that).

Thus, I'll upload it later somewhere sometime. Most likely behind a content warnning, since I know some here that aren't crazy for random TTS audio skits.

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And so, I bid y'all a good night.

PS. Also (assuming this .ogg file attaches), here's a TTS audio skit I did today, since Fifteen Artificial intelegence is most likely returnning tomorrow. Voices are from
, with the exception of Emma's voice. That one's from


I found this article about the "content Warnning" feature that Mastodon has (which I myself have not used yet):


What do y'all over think?

good morning to the mastodon world! unless it's this particular server, uploading video (by extension audio), may not be available on the server. Unless it's meta-text being bad. Who knows though!

Getting some Amazon fresh groceries later on today.

A new version has been released that fixed the bug caused in the update today. Sorry for any inconveniences caused!

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So since Twitter are jerks and give you your archive in a format that's completely unusable unless you keep your account active, here's a python script to convert it into markdown and other formats. github.com/timhutton/twitter-a


Not that I need to necessarily toss out an , but for anyone that gets a re-follow from me, simply means that I am having to manually re-add everyone from the Super Dimension Fortress instance I was originally on.

Yeah, my profile's still there, though it felt like it was a good time to just check out a more calmer one.
At least I'll be doing more voice posts, and not just from an IPhone!

Anyway, hope y'all are well, and stay safe!

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