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Strong language, rant, anger. 

I hear ya, but I'd argue it's presure from someone else making them do that, ideas on what blind people need, which is, let's be honest, a crock o bull. No, one size fits all does not work for every blind person at all. I'd argue you should use what works for you. That's how it is in the real world. You use what works, you use what you are comfortable with unless your job has super tight restrictions on what you can or can't use


Strong language, rant, anger. 

The people at my school say they're teaching me "Adult life skills" by teaching me about fucking braille notetakers. I'm sorry... But what? That BS is not an adult life skill. It's stupid, unnecessary shit, especially since I've already said I don't need it, don't have a use for it, and, frankly, don't care. If I can't do it on my computer, I'm not going to be able to do it on there. I have no idea why TF they want me to replace my school laptop, in a math class, with this BS, especially since I have never once seen a notetaker display math in actual propper nemeth. The whole thing is just so dumb, and I wish I could just not have it. I'm not going to stop fighting for my needs.

Useful resource if you're admininng a Mastodon instance and you find it overwhelmed after a mass migration.

Hey @SorenApplicati1, you use MacOS as your main OS? What do you like about it?

For those of you who might not know, I've been making Windows 32-bit builds of the DECtalk code being worked on at GitHub. Each build has a unique release name based on what I've most recently eaten at the time of the build. I just put up a new build this morning which fixes a few things. URL:

Aww, somebody just stole my perfect startup idea. 😆 So happy for the blind people in Paris who now have got a taxi-bike service. Still not a tandem ride on-demand but that much closer to it. I recall was interested in this kind of idea at some point.

Besides a little notification/inter-instance communication problem I seem to be having, and not having any relays or emojis right now, my #mastodon instance is finally up! Apply for an account at
Don't forget to read the rules! :) #MastoAdmin #CyberScene #fediverse

Local eatery was swamped with pretentious, snobby customers after getting national exposure and an award.

So, they decided to mock the snobby, pretentious types. They took bread, and put it on the menu twice, once as bread or £1, and once as raw toast or £5

The fact raw toast got equal numbers of orders an complaints just proves their point, you can put anything on a menu with a fancy sounding name and people will buy it....even if it's regular old bread. It's like Evian water, which is far funnier if you know the story of why it's athing. Reminds me of that Only ools and Horses episode about Peckham Spring Water. When Del Boy and co could tell it was going to be a thing...

My books so far 

If you want to check out my first book, you can download it and read it here

artificial Divide is a multi-genre fiction anthology by blind and visually impaired authors. all information can be found here

#Books #Fiction #Free #CreativeCommons #AmReading #ReadingCommunity

So, something I've noticed about Android and iOS users. iOS users can manage to use the iPhone for just about anything they need, for texting, email, podcasts, writing whole freaking books, audio editing... And Android users use their $800 phones as "gadgets", similar to headphones and watches, and they don't see anything wrong with that. Meanwhile, sighted users use Android with [lapdocks]( which turn the phone into laptops.

Hello everyone, this is my #Introduction post and I'm happy to be here. 🤗 This is my 85th post and so I am not brand spanking new but decided to say something here anyway. ❤️ My bio kinda explains me in a nutshell though. I am plural, a lover of books and creative writing as well as music. I like exploring new technology, though am not a complete nerd when it comes to tech. That would be my wonderful Partner. I also love Astrology and am really big into helping others. I am kind yet firm, assertive yet fair in my judgements of others. I also like to always feel out people and situations myself before making a decision on something or someone. ☁️ I am very careful with my heart and friendship, and do not give it lightly. I am careful to trust and always making sure to protect my well-being. I am free spirited and believe in the unknown. If there are any more questions regarding me, my plurality, or anything concerning me, please interact with me and let me know. 💕😌

fanfic recommendation request 

Hey #fanfic people! What good #fanfics have you read recently? I'm looking for #fanfiction #reccs from #mlp, Harry Potter (#hp #harrypotter), #buffy, #discworld, or crossovers with same. Yes, I know. I need more modern fandoms. But I like what I like, and I feel like I've read all the good stuff!

so I’m teaching myself keyboard with my iPad, my new #midi keyboard, and some software called simply piano. And I am having an incredible time of it! So satisfying learning to play notes, skills, and songs. I may never be any good, but I’m not sure if I care. Sometimes the journey is the destination, you know? :-). I figure at the very least it will give me some core understanding, and skill that will help when I start to play with #synthesizers and sampling & the like :-)

@LaurenCeleste It's like a subject line. Maybe if you don't want to read that post right now. Also, you never really know what could be triggering to someone. Plus, it also could help you get an overview of the post. Any number of reasons, really.

Is anybody else sensitive to certain noises? Like, hearing them just makes you crazy? I'm not talking like how a subtle noise bothers you, I mean like, for your own sanity you can't stand the specific noise. I have a few of these sounds.

Being totally stupid 

In this instance, I did not, in fact, use over 500 characters in my post. This must immediately be rectified, as I cannot under any circumstances contradict myself, as that would just be utterly useless and bad! So now, I'm just going to totally sit here and write total and utter nonsense until I go over 500 characters, regardless of what this utterly useless nonsense will contain, I guarantee you it will be over 500 characters! Oh my goodness, who knew that when you're actually trying to write over 500 characters, it suddenly becomes very hard to write over 500 characters. You know what I just realized though? Discord and hometown have the same character limit, that being 2000 characters. I feel like an instant messaging platform should have a larger character limit than 2000 characters, but oh wait, it does, it's just hidden behind a paywall because of course it is! Whoa, I just went off on a little tangent here and now I'm pretty much at 1000 characters, I'm going to stop now OK bye.

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I thought I read somewhere that iOS can be used as an authenticator but I can't find these settings anywhere. I thought it was in passwords settings.


I found this article about the "content Warnning" feature that Mastodon has (which I myself have not used yet):

What do y'all over think?

Currently frustrated with some very loud Twitter Migration folks. I’m glad you guys are checking out the fediverse through Mastodon, but we are explicitly not a Twitter clone, people have a right to curate their timelines and some of that is done through content warnings, feedback is fi...

So because of the amount of control iOS gives you when it comes to pronunciations, I tweaked only Eloquence so that some things are said better (back button, nav bar, character mode, word mode, line mode, and a few others). With the way this is designed, an import function is really all we need now.

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