So for the Mac users, do y'all have an accessible way to read Kindle books on the Mac? An Intel Mac?

@devinprater I have it on my mac, but haven't tried it there yet. If you get an answer, please let me know. Right now I use kindle on either my phones or tablet

@MayAnderson2022 I have Kindle on the Mac too, but haven't found a way to read the books.

@devinprater It's annoying on the phones because I can't turn my phone off when I read from there. Duable, but annoying. I keep meaning to look into kindle on the mac and keep forgetting to do so, lol. Maybe now that someone else has brought it up I should stop procrastinating and look, lol

@MayAnderson2022 Yeah, I can understand that, but I just keep screen curtain on and hope that helps the battery a bit. But it's better than on Android where the screen *will* lock and the speech stops at the next page turn. Amazon kinda seems to do only the bare minimum for Kindle accessibility, especially on Android.

@devinprater OMG, yes that is so true. I tried it once on my android and gave up after a few minutes. I figured fine fine, I'll use kindle on the IPhone

@MayAnderson2022 Like they could be doing wiat speech central does, have a scrolling text view, and a play button at the bottom for those who just want to lock their screen and not read using the screen reader and Braille. But nope.

@devinprater Just can't have anything simple sometimes. But OMG, I just looked at kindle on the mac and remember why I keep procrastinating to figure it out. It doesn't make any since to me and is refusing to show all my books. hmph

@MayAnderson2022 @devinprater You can read books with Kindle on the Mac using its TTS functions. Took me way longer than it should have to figure that out. 😅 Now that I tell you this, however, I’ve not done it in a while and I’m forgetting the keystrokes. Just did a quick Google – perhaps, this will help:

@jcast @MayAnderson2022 I tried doing Command + T, and it said it was starting TTS but never started reading. It just read that as a VoiceOver message.

@devinprater @MayAnderson2022 Darn! This is very disappointing. It used to work, but I’m running MacOS Ventura 13.0.1 and even after verifying my system voice settings, it doesn’t work for me, either. I had tried it about a year ago and then, it was.

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