So I’m going to be extremely open and transparent on here because I know that I’m not the only person who’s ever faced this. So I’m a plus sized woman and have faced many moments of people feeling that their being “Helpful.” And thinking their doing the right thing, but their comments are hurtful. When you walk up to someone and they say things like, “Before you go on your trip I wish you would have lost fifty pounds,.” Or, “Do you even think about losing weight?” Or things like that. Then they give you the long list of things that can happen to you if you don’t loose weight, I don’t know about anyone else, but that stresses me out more, and it makes me want to eat. I’ve done the working out thing, and eventually I lose faith because i feel like I’m doing it all alone. And if people are just so concerned about people and how big they are, they should do activities with them, find things that the person can do with that person instead of saying the same damn thing over and over, because words hurt, and the help that people are thinking their giving, just hurts. I don’t talk about my weight with people because they’ve made me feel huge and ugly. It’s not fair, and I think it’s a topic we should be discussing, bringing aware to the fact that some of us that are big, there’s a major emotional meaning behind it all. To all my fluffy people, know that you’re beautiful no matter your size, and someone loves you.

@Camillianna Oh gosh yes, I've experienced this as a plus sized guy. One time my granma was like "How big are you now? 400?" I'm not even 300 at this time, and I wasn't even sure how to react. And someone on Facebook I talk to says I'd lose weight by lifting my laptop, as if one it's that heavy, and two almost like I'm 600 pounds or so and unable to lift it currently. It's like, these people don't know what it's like to be a bigger person.

@devinprater some of the people that say things to me know exactly what I’m going through because they have more padding than I do… That’s why it makes me feel worse

@Camillianna Oh I'm so sorry, sending hugs. Those kind of people make we shake my head. I don't get how they can be that way. I guess they hate themselves so much they project that unto others.

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