Just in case the Twitter meltdown isn't quite hitting the schadenfreude sweetspot, I give you: The crypto meltdown. Grab something to sip on and probably some popcorn because this is wild. Click all the links inside. mattstoller.substack.com/p/why

Your one-stop non-Twitter shop for watching the trainwreck in all its glory: twitterisgoinggreat.com/

I’m listening to the rain outside the living room window and it’s making me very sleepy. I also have a full tummy from lunch.

Useful resource if you're admininng a Mastodon instance and you find it overwhelmed after a mass migration. nora.codes/post/scaling-mastod

Currently frustrated with some very loud Twitter Migration folks. I’m glad you guys are checking out the fediverse through Mastodon, but we are explicitly not a Twitter clone, people have a right to curate their timelines and some of that is done through content warnings, feedback is fi... arush.io/2022/11/10/currently-

So since Twitter are jerks and give you your archive in a format that's completely unusable unless you keep your account active, here's a python script to convert it into markdown and other formats. github.com/timhutton/twitter-a

Today in the Kitchen at Cake HQ: Config - new templating dialog. Mastodon - fix replies across instances, add option to include CW and text, reply to boosted author, Add visibility for templates. Docs - add sections on interact/secondary interact and more! tweesecake.app/changes

OK seriously if you’re posting a thread that’s 115+ posts long on the socials, put it in a blog post. We still have those, they work, they can syndicate everywhere, so don’t clog people timelines up with your masterpiece MK?

Very tired but it’s officially quit-hundred hours so there’s that. Trying to decide if I want to have a beer or not.

Wow. Cloudflare apparently blocks webfinger requests. Don’t know about other CDNs and/or WAFs, but this is doubleplusungood and I hope they discontinue this.

For people who are using crossposters, it's a good idea to not post your retweets. They don't really work over here since there's no way to reply or boost or apply content warnings to them, so they just spam the timeline. Some instances will silence accounts that do this as they come here to seek refuge from that sort of thing. Also worth checking to see if quote tweets are disabled. They aren't supported over here, so they don't display properly. Hope you're enjoying the fediverse!

I’ve been on Mastodon and/or using webmention and micropub for a while now and I’ll be the first to admit that there’s definitely room for improvement for all of these especially when it comes to onboarding. But, watching people on Twitter lose their Goddamn minds because people are try... arush.io/2022/11/07/ive-been-o

Damn. Still no archive from the large Mastodon instance. I’m waiting on that before I do the final migration step. And, welcome to new followers. Mastodon is a different experience than Twitter but I think it’s a richer and definitely more interesting experience that’s worth the migrati... arush.io/2022/11/07/damn-still

Hello to all new followers. Please note that our Mastodon support at the current moment is a work in progress. We're about to launch a new version soon with much improved Mastodon support, so keep your eye out for that! Have any questions? Feel free to send us either a public or direct mention and we'll do our best to help!

Groceries are put away, and we’re waiting on college football to start. Ohio State for me at noon and Penn State for John at 3:30. Beers and good food will be enjoyed. Also waiting on the big social elephant to give me an archive so I can move my account.


Just a fun server for anyone associated with the blind community!