Finally home after traveling for 12 hours! Flew back from Florida. I'll work on getting this instance bootstrapped more here in a bit but I need a day or so to decompress and get the house in order. :) Feel free to invite people. Trying to make a cozy little corner of the Internet with the best of all possible names.

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@Q Take your time to decompress, and I'm glad you created this instance

@arush @Q I am too because it made me realize how absolutely shitty TweeseCake was at dealing with fresh mastodon instances.

@Bryn @Q Yeah, it's really not loking this, but I want to wait to make changes on the client front until I finish handling the migration from Which is taking a while since I'm still waiting on the archive.

@arush @Q Don't worry I have it working a lot better in the upcoming version :)

@Bryn @Q Wait you got their source? Or are you actually behind Tweesecake?

@Bryn @Q Oh cool. I started using it Tweesecake once TWBlue started getting incredibly flaky because I have multiple Twitter accounts with lists and needed to manage both. Can we submit feature requests through some official channel? Didn't see anything on the website about it once logged in.

@arush Yeah, you can follow or we also have telegram channels/groups.

@Bryn OK I think I'm following on the social instance. I think I'll be happy once I finish this migration to over here I never intended to have multiple Masto accounts lol.

@arush rofl I don't blame you, having multiple is a lot. I have multiple, but I kind of have to at this point.

@Bryn I was already planning on moving away from social because it's so huge and I wanted a smaller space while keeping my follows. This one got my vote.

@Bryn Just tried. Didn't do it. Hang on let me try the other instance.

@arush Damn you may have to wait until the next ver of the client comes out then.

@Bryn OK that's cool. I'll go over to the other instance and find a toot from that account.

@arush If you mean your instance, you already follow it there.

@Bryn I did, but for some reason it let me refollow.

@arush Nope, you're not following with this account on there, I just checked.

@Bryn @Q I like Chicken Nugget too though but I think my ffavorite Q app is still QRead, at least that's the one I use a ton.

@arush @Q I'm excited to try Chicken Nugget with Mastodon. :)

@arush @Q obviously I'm glad for more reasons than that but that was definitely a good reason for me right off the bat haha

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Just a fun server for anyone associated with the blind community!