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For any MetaText users on iOS who are having problems viewing followers/friends with VoiceOver on, here's the issue I opened up on their GitHub recently. Feel free to contribute if you have any more info than me.

Hey look, I went and fixed a bunch of server stuff! Went and got Covid there for a minute so sorry things've been broken so long.

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OK seriously if you’re posting a thread that’s 115+ posts long on the socials, put it in a blog post. We still have those, they work, they can syndicate everywhere, so don’t clog people timelines up with your masterpiece MK?

I've also been reading about Pleroma, which for a variety of mostly-uninteresting technical reasons would probably work better than Mastodon, but I need to do more research to see if I can migrate this instance over without losing data. But first let's go make some accessible maps and get paid! :)

Once I solve this I will actually, you know, be able to visit the /admin page and set some important info for this instance. Seems if you don't have Elasticsearch working Mastodon errors out on the admin page, or that's what I'm gathering from the logs. I'm having to come up to speed with Ruby and Rails, which is a path I never really took back in the day.

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48 degrees with 52% humidity, according to the sensor out back. I'll take it! Now let's have a look at why Mastodon is still having trouble talking to elasticsearch even though I can see ES on the host, they're on the same Docker network, and they have the same creds. I'm sure it'll be a glorious and exciting problem like using different environment variables for setting credentials between the docker images or something!

Got an apple crisp in the oven and a fun Star Wars audiobook where they've gone through and added effects and whatnot to the whole 14 hour extravaganza, which is even more awesome since this was one of my favorite subseries when I was a kid. The X-wing series! Can't complain.

Off to return the cursed laptop with an hour and a half battery life to Microcenter, and then I'll see what I can do about the Crossposter and improving some other bits. Documentation is good for you!

Good morning! Streaming should be working now!

The first priority on the list once I figure out streaming and get a basic Nugget connection happening is ... to change the text of the Toot! button to Lol!

Finally home after traveling for 12 hours! Flew back from Florida. I'll work on getting this instance bootstrapped more here in a bit but I need a day or so to decompress and get the house in order. :) Feel free to invite people. Trying to make a cozy little corner of the Internet with the best of all possible names.


Just a fun server for anyone associated with the blind community!